Satellite Data Access, Transformation, Integration and Delivery

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Scenario: Satellite Data Access, Transformation, Integration and Delivery

Background: In principle, distributed web services can be linked into processing chains to perform more complex operations. Autonomously developed WS components developed for one application, may not interoperate with 'compatible' web services developed for other applications. At this time, there is very limited experience in linking autonomously developed web services to

Goals: The goals of this scenario include

demonstration of end-to-end data processing using distributed web services
evaluate the WS interoperbility barriers for distributed service chains
test different service matching schemes, e.g. service adaptors, WSDL changes
apply multiple service flow engines to execute service chains


Brian Wilson - Access to satellite data (MODSI/OMI?) using SciFlo web services
Liping Di - Transformation (e.g. reprojection) with LEIT processing web services (SOAP wrapped WCS ?)
Rudy Husar - Filtering, Aggregation, Fusion/Overlay with other data services
All - participants use their service flow engines to execute processing chain

Outcome: Interoperability demo and experience on distributed web service chaining