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Semantic Web Cluster[edit | edit source]

ESIP Federation Meeting of Semantic Web cluster for Summer 2010 in Knoxville[edit | edit source]

Friday July 23, 2010[edit | edit source]

Combined with IT&I committee. 10:15 (Rm 413C)

Peter Fox, Rahul Ramachandran, Chris Lynnes, Bill Sonntag, Jim Frew, Karen Moe, Tom Yunck, Steve Olding, Helen Conover, Sunil Movva, Alex Sorkine, Phil Cogbill, Upendra Datr

Products and services - Triple store prototypes to demo at Winter 2011 meeting

  • Triple store and SPARQL end-point provided by ESIP (hosted at GMU - how to get access?)
  • SWEET instance
  • Data provider metadata catalogs into triple store (prototype), testing support for federated search
  • Chris/Peter and Rahul/Sunil to coordinate activities in support of this activity
  • Add as topic for SW telecon
  • Snapshot ESIP wiki content and convert to RDF and propose uses (e.g. content cleanup)


  • IT&I requested to allocate funding for Sunil's Protege plugin
  • Request for tools around our ontologies
  • Request: document mapping to CF from SWEET
  • Request: notes on using SWEET-CF extensions

Services Ontology Development

  • Propose technical session at Winter 2011 meeting
  • Request ESIP support for extra day/ room/ meeting resources to advance this (where from?) Peter to ask Carol


  • 101 versus 201, 301 labelling??
  • Intro to semantic web (101) including a set of example applications
  • Intro to use cases and ontology development, etc. (101)
  • More advanced topics (reasoning - Sunil)
  • Need for additional presenters as well as content comments, critiques (on a telecon with video support/ collab annotation)
  • From databases to semantic content (closed world to open world)

Information Quality cluster

  • newly formed, Greg L. is chair
  • lots of semantic presence in this cluster
  • domain model and dimensions for quality
  • seek synergy with semantic web cluster with exchange between

ESIP Federation Semantic Web cluster Telecons[edit | edit source]

Tuesday, Jan 8th 2007[edit | edit source]

ESIP Federation Meeting of Semantic Web cluster for Winter 2007 in Portland[edit | edit source]

  • 8am Thursday, Jan 4th 2007

Attendance[edit | edit source]

Peter Fox, Howard Burrows, Karen Moe, Danny Hardin, Rob Raskin Melanie Meaux, Steve Young, Helen Conover, Liping Di, Meixia Deng (?)

Existing resources[edit | edit source]

  • GeoBRAIN (GMU BPEL service discovery)
  • Semantic Web company (from Portland) - details coming

Ideas for SW cluster activity tasks within Federation[edit | edit source]

  • Federation service ontology (service type)
  • Datatype ontology
  • Community dialog and federation agreements on ontologies
  • Community ontology development
  • Support for ESIP/EIE
  • Development of demonstration projects

Other ideas for cluster activity[edit | edit source]

  • Verifiable information quality and semantically-enabling web services are two

initial technical applications. For workflow composition - solicit use case from Stefan Falke.

  • GEO(SS) has needs for interdisciplinary data discovery. Their plan for data is to

adopt SOA. Many of their suggested scenarios require entry in any part of the "system of systems" and navigate within it using common standards - Kathy Fontaine will be the point of contact for this liaison.

  • EPA - and European colleagues (their EPA) has a big FP7 project planned in ecoinformatics,

contact is Bill Sontag.

  • Demo for July 2007 ESIP meeting - application of semantics to ESIP user community

characterization and areas-of-interest (also a topic of interest to Andy Schain). Several starting points exist (ontologies) including vocabularies like AGU index terms, etc. Rob Raskin to lead this activity.

  • Participation in AGU/EGU and related conferences to provide demonstrations

of semantic web.

  • Provision of how-to and synthesize best practices documents and identification of roles

and expertise, e.g. a knowledge engineer and a SW facilitator to be posted on ESIP wiki.

  • Decision tree for when (and how) to use semantic web, develop schema, vocabulary,

ontology, etc.

  • Close synergy between NASA/DSWG/TIWG semantic web sub-group and ESIP SW cluster).

Activities for telecons[edit | edit source]

  • Ontology discussions; services, SWEET, etc.
  • Solicit application areas via telecons - both by participating in application cluster

telecons and invited those interested in semantic web to our telecon

  • Participate in application cluster telecons to obtain use cases

Activities for summer meeting[edit | edit source]

  • Plenary demonstrations including background material (abbreviated tutorial)