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== Summer Meeting ==  
== Summer Meeting ==  
* Session proposals for Summer Meeting will be due soon
* Session proposals for Summer Meeting will be due soon
* [Sem_Web_Summer_Meeting_Sessions | Wiki page for summer meeting session ideas]
* [[Sem_Web_Summer_Meeting_Sessions | Wiki page for summer meeting session ideas]]
* We currently have two ideas being debated
# Tool Match - details to be worked out, but will focus on interactions with users and other clusters, crowdsourcing event to gather tool-dataset relationships is a possibility
# Business/Planning Session - with a focus on existing and future use cases, what ontologies are currently available, how are they being used, how could they be used
== QUDT Ontology ==
== QUDT Ontology ==

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Test Bed Call For Proposals

  • ESIP Test Bed will release call for proposal shortly
  • Selected proposal teams are awarded small amount of funding and opportunity to use ESIP cloud resources if needed
  • Intent is to provide seed money to take initial ideas into the prototype phase - not intended for production systems
  • Semantic Web projects have been supported in the past and cluster member's are encouraged to apply
  • Semantic Web Cluster support of proposals has been a key in previous reviews. Those interested in proposing are encourage to discuss ideas on the wiki and sem web mailing list
  • Wiki page for test bed proposal discussion

Summer Meeting

QUDT Ontology

Ontology Resuse

  • There was discussion about how ontologies are currently being reused and what are best practices. We will continue to collect resources in this area and make them available to the community. We will also have future telecon presentations in this area. Possibly starting with Marshall Ma