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  • Previous action items
    • Eric - document the ToolMatch software stack (done)
    • Peter - touch base with Hook and Curt on plans for PROV-ES work, and how to coordinate with Semantic Web Cluster. Presentation by Hook/Curt in Feb. or Mar. (see below)
    • Chris - Touch base with Brent Maddux on data quality ontologies w.r.t. IQ work inside the Data Preservation Committee (?)
    • Line - Look into possible reuse of VISKO rules for ToolMatch (?)
    • Everyone - read proposal for datasets in schema.org, http://blog.schema.org/2012/07/describing-datasets-with-schemaorg.html, and discuss. (see below)
  • Toolmatch/rules update (Chris/ Peter)
    • Looking for someone to step in to help
    • Nancy H offered to talk a look
  • Ontology governance update (Peter)
    • none
  • Ontology portal (Line)
    • Approved by Products and Services
    • Peter to check on funding status with Carol (not gone to FiCom as yet)
  • Discuss 2013 activities
    • schema.org and datasets and Earth Science (Brian)
      • interim tech. solution sought - extend the dataset extension for Earth Science - how and who was the question
      • need for link farm as part of the rich snippet.
      • Bill S introduced work on GHG emission data model/ vocab for schema.org - will add some detail on the web page
      • http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/DatasetSchema - page to be used for ESIP collection and dissemination of Earth Science related schema extension efforts.
    • PROV-ES
      • Now a NASA ESDS WG
      • Broader view at ESIP
      • Examining use cases and how they map to PROV
      • decouple content (model) from encoding scheme
      • http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/PROV-ES
      • Will have a presentation from Hook/Curt in a coming telecon, prior to summer meeting
    • VISKO - no discussion
  • IQ cluster interactions - no discussion
  • Summer meeting sessions
    • Join PROV-ES session already proposed, including intro to the activity and concept mapping toward the end
    • schema.org/ dataset extension for Earth Science - Peter to prepare draft and send to Brian, Beth, Ruth and Hook for comment and submit (in progress). Mashups and ToolMatch may fit at the end of this.
    • Likely cluster business meeting to discuss activities. Ontology governance was not suggested as a session but should fit more with monthly telecons.