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Attendees: Chris Lynnes, Bob Downs, Tom Narock, Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer, Ruth Duerr, Abdelmounaum Resgui, Kai Liu, Steve Olding, Alex Sorokine

Semantic Web Primer for Information Quality Cluster

  • Will be held 2:15pm - 3pm on Thursday July 14
  • Chris had discussion with Greg Leptoukh of IQ today - Greg was initially indicating that SW Cluster would produce a data quality ontology, Chris suggested a better approach might be to discuss techniques and methods of semantic web and discuss use case with the possibility of creating a concept map
  • no use cases were presented during telecon so Chris suggested he and Greg could seed the discussion with examples and stimulate the audience to think about semantic web methods, possible applications, and concept map
  • Chris assigned himself the use case portion, but volunteers are still needed for other parts of this 45 minute presentation
  • Peter was nominated to give intro portion

Preservation and Stewardship Session

  • Ruth indicated that Preservation and Stewardship is looking to discuss use cases and do concept mapping
  • What is the role of Semantic Web Cluster - Ruth mentioned that they are only interested in a brief intro to the semantic web
  • Hook was mentioned as providing this brief intro - he was not on the telecon so this should be verified
  • Ruth asked if there is a place for use cases on the wiki - the Resources section on the Semantic_Web page has some initial use cases - Chris said others should be added as needed/developed

SW Cluster Meeting on Friday July 15

  • will be held 8:30 to 10 am
  • Bob Downs suggested the agenda should include a summary of past 6 months and a discussion of prioritizing the next 6 months
  • Erin mentioned that the next winter meeting will likely focus on interoperability and collaboration
  • These are ideal topics for Semantic Web cluster and the cluster meeting could include an early discussion of how to proceed

Erin's ESIP Ontology Use Case

  • Erin has a use case of visualizing the ESIP network map
  • This use case led to the idea that an ontology could be useful in capturing the various relationships between ESIP Clusters and members
  • The people/skills ontology could be extended to accommodate this
  • Some possible uses would be - Who's in what cluster? Which people have which skills?
  • It was suggested that some of Friday's Cluster Meeting be devoted to this topic
  • Erin would like to eventually connect this in some way to Drupal as well as have a graph visualization application
  • Ideally data could be pulled in from extraneous sources such as LinkedIn. This way users don't have to update multiple places
  • How this would work and how to authenticate are still to be determined - some use of OpenID?
  • Carol mentioned that we need to think about at what level we are modeling. ESIP is a network of organizations. Would this work be at the organizational level or at the person level?
  • There was a discussion of having a poster at the summer meeting to collect data. meeting participants could draw on the poster to indicate their relationships to clusters and other members/organizations. Carol and Erin will continue to discuss this