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Participating: Kai Liu, GMU, Rob Raskin, JPL, Chris Lynnes, NASA/GSFC, Abdelmounaam Rezgui, GMU, Judy Hertz, SSAI, Gary Foley, EPA, Ethan McMahon, EPA, Curt Tilmes, NASA/GSFC, James Gallagher, OPeNDAP, Siri Jodha Sinh Khalsa, NSIDC, Bhaskar Ramachandran, USGS, Line Pouchard, ORNL, Erin Robinson, ESIP Federation, Sunil Movva, ORNL, Bob Downs, SEDAC, Hook Hua, JPL, Brian Wilson, JPL, Deborah McGuinness, RPI

  • Planning for the summer meeting
    • Theme: Information and Data Quality
      • SJK: go over TC211 products to set the terminology for discussion, perhaps in tech workshop. Also, have joint workshop with Info Quality (IQ) cluster.
        • Q: Can we legally extract definitions from ISO documentation?
        • A: SJK will look into that
      • Sacrifice some tutorial coverage for intro workshop to quality terminology? No consensus reached yet, given possible scope for tutorial.
      • SJK: several efforts going on in community around quality and related terms:
      • Rob: also look at different dimensions of quality, like geolocation accuracy, instrument accuracy, etc.
      • SJK: would be good to work out Use Cases for information quality
    • Tutorial
      • James: more hands-on. It would be neat if you could put it all on a VM and work away with something that works, or have all the tools on a web site.
      • Judy: suggest renting a Virtual Private Server (VPS), get tools loaded up, build servers (have systems folks load them up). Should be inexpensive (1 month of basic VPS for $20)
      • James: VPS probably easier than VM approach
      • Rob: might have money to support this
      • Judy: would volunteer to help out with VPS solution
      • Q: what is our use case? Projects ontology or something else?
      • Q: what about an application? (no clear answer yet...)
      • R Downs - need some use case to allow them to create, link to other ontology, select from terms meeting criteria; exercise canned , but with a little flexibility.
      • Judy - lots of RDF datasets out on the web; have those ready to load or query against would be easy; also faceted tools.
      • Hook - with more planning could reach an application; may need to compress some steps
      • Judy - survey members to find out where they are in their semantic development?
      • Hook - each one has their own specific application. We could continue Projects example; could work through to the end.
      • Hook: Let's solicit alternatives and run a doodle poll
    • Ontology Working Sessions
      • Brian - too early for casting ontology
      • Q: Are any use cases still using Data and Services ontology?
  • Testbed
    • Kai - added two ontologies for ESIP winter meeting; nothing since
    • Rezgui - can still take reqts request
    • Hook leverage wiki to document testbed back end and discuss reqts requests
    • Possible reqts requests
      • Load in your own ontology
      • Turtle import mechanism
      • Make a VMware engine
    • Rob: need to see if GMU can go ahead and do it
    • Hook: could current testbed be the image to be distributed?
      • GMU will look into that.
    • Hook: should document testbed implementation on the wiki, along with requirements requests.
      • Kai will set up a placeholder page

Resgi - OpenRDF to Jena??? (ask Peter?)

  • Collaborative framework feedback
    • Erin: most people have heard the call; need any remaining feedback by end of Feb.