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January 25, 2011 Telecon


  • Steve Olding, Rob Raskin, Bob Downs, Bruce Caron, Ethan McMahon, Mike Little, Chris Lynnes, Bhaskar Ramachandran, Sunil Moova, Bill Sonntag, Alex (ORNL), Brian Wilson, Hook Hua, James Gallagher, Rahul Ramachandran, Ruth Duerr, Peter Fox.
  • Time - 4-5:10pm ET


  • Review of ESIP Winter Semantic Web Tutorial (Peter, Chris, Hook, Rob)
    • Evaluation
      • Steve - liked the hands on nature
      • Rob - label each session and note the differences between sessions
      • Peter - start the tutorial with the end product, i.e. what it will look like
      • Mike - focus on packaging (NASA HQ term) and especially demos
      • Bhaskar - share success stories in tutorial form, i.e. by example
      • Hook - overall sense is that it was the appropriate level and content, would like to add migration of legacy systems
      • James - agrees with the need to do more packaging and likes the hands-on part of the tutorial
      • Ruth - liked and would like more 'homework', i.e. more things to do, either in real time or for follow up
    • Relation to NASA Tech Infusion (TI) activities and goals
      • Chris - activities like the tutorial and cluster in general are a key element of TI
      • Steve - important to distinguish what objectives are different to NASA objectives
      • Hook - DB to RDF and Linked Open Data
      • NcML and semantification
      • Rob - new testbeds, ESIP wide to advance tools, standards, technology, and best practices
      • Bob - is interested in online exercises which you can step through, download, build and execute them
      • Ruth - sand box environment would be useful for people to experiment without submitting 'flaky' content (triples)
      • Chris/Hook - same for uploading ontologies
      • Bruce - suggests experimenting - take a free db, tweak (technical term for convert), test, and then iterate
      • Ethan - suggests 2 intdro and ~ 10 min video in chunks
      • Ruth - suggests looking at the Fall 2010 AGU Data Management tutorial recordings and format
    • Summer meeting
      • Rob - format for meeting is not settled, half days or days?
      • Chris - consider start from the beginning or review/ continue tutorial
      • Hook - suggests an intermediate level
      • Bob - point to resources and allow self study
      • Hook - put on a showcase and did-you-know session?
      • Ruth - focus on why and how
  • Using the http://esipfed.org/ site for dereferencible ontology IRIs. (Chris L)
    • Ontology developments - Chris introduced the topic within the context of several NASA projects that required web-accessible identifiers for vocabularies and suggest that ESIP (www.esipfed.org) could serve as a community resource for such identifiers
    • General consensus is yes, very good idea but has consequences for preservation and will impact other aspects of the esipfed site (Drupal, etc.).
    • Chris - suggests a group paper outlining the needs and implementation
  • Continuation of Data-Type and Service ontology work (Peter)
    • It was agreed to continue this effort (summer meeting)
  • Ontology development to support 'casting' (Brian)
    • Brian - casting - publishing metadata in XML, push the service, collect and turn granules into RDF
    • Ruth - seems that using Data Ontology will be important
    • Bill - agrees this is a good idea, orchestrate what would happen at summer meeting in advance, suggest using next telecons to develop the ideas, etc.
    • General discussion on ontology development at ESIP meetings, bringing in new people (domain literate), larger numbers, and the need to re-vitalize the suite of use cases (suggest Andy B. has new use cases, and the opportunity to mesh linked data with data casting.
  • Summer meeting theme data and information quality - and possible quality ontology work session
    • General agreement that the cluster would support the meeting theme and any ontology work
  • ESIP poster archive
    • Bruce - would like to see the PDF archive searchable and commentable, available as a feed and is generally an interesting platform for dissemination of ESIP impacts and semantics can play a key role there. Possible pilot project to discuss.
  • Additional note from Bruce C
    • Utopia uses semantic services to annotate PDFs, but is focused on biomed. Needs earth science add-ons. Check it out at http://www.utopiadocs.com/documents/ Looking to create a PDF-based poster archive for ESIP with Utopia-like interface. NEW: If this is of any interest to you, I'll spin up a Basecamp site. so email me [bruce at tnms.org] and I'll sign you up. Here is another resource from bio-med land. http://code.google.com/p/annotation-ontology/