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SURF_MET - Global Surface Meteorology Monitoring Network

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Description: SURF_MET is a dataset gathered by WMO. Currently, there are about 10,000+ SURF_MET stations worldwide. Data delivered through Plymoth State Weather Center. Parameters: T,TD, RH, DIR, SPD, GST, ALT, SLP, VIS, CIL, COV, WX, Bext, FBext, RHBext
Domain: Meteor | Platform: Network | Instrument: No Instrument | Method: Point | Type: POINT | Periodicity: HOUR | GeoRange: GLOB | Time Period: REALTIME Key Use: Exceptional Event

Data Access Services: WMS | WCS

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Dataset Description

SURF_MET is a dataset from routine monitoring of surface weather parameters. Currently, there are about 1,200 SURF_MET stations over the US recording weather data every minute. The SURF_MET dataset is archived at the Plymouth State Weather Center and accessible to DataFed through a web-based interface. The SURF_MET parameters include relative humidity, wind direction and speed, as well as the light scattering coefficient, Bext, obtained by the ASOS forward scattering visibility sensor (actually Bscat). The 1,200 station visibility data are particularly useful for delineating the spatial-temporal extent of hazy air-masses from dust, smoke, or anthropogenic haze events. A major limitation of this SURF_MET visibility data is the truncation of high visibility at ten miles which precludes the detection of haze events with greater than ten mile visibility. In this Exceptional Event Analysis report we only used the surface wind vectors from the SURF_MET dataset.

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