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For more information, email bruce caron (bruce at tnms dot org) or Bruce Wilson (wilsonbe at ornl dot gov)

2009 Student Competition Poster

2009 Student Competition FLIER

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STUDENT FUNDING FRIDAY Announcement and Rules

The ESIP Federation announces the second year of competition for students for education and outreach.

The Prizes: Two presentations will be selected as winners. Each winner will receive a $3000 award to carry out the elements of the proposed work and an expenses-paid trip to the Winter 2011 ESIP meeting in DC (Jan 4-7, 2011).


1. To enter, you must present a poster Friday morning (July 23, 2010) at the ESIP meeting. You must be present to win. The poster can be hand drawn and need not be fancy. The important point is the quality of the idea for the work you propose to do for Earth Science Education or Outreach. Your project should be completed by January 1, 2011 so that you can present the results at the poster session at the January ESIP meeting.

2. You will be given a minute to describe your poster/project.

3. Details of how the award funding will be presented will be worked out depending on the needs of the team, but the simplest thing is direct payment of expenses by ESIP.

4. Full-time students (undergraduate or graduate) who wish to enter the competition and for whom registering for the meeting is a financial hardship should contact Bruce Wilson (wilsonbe at ornl dot gov). You're on your own to get to the meeting, but we may be able to arrange for a few registration waivers.

The Purpose: The competition promotes new collaborations or bridges between ESIP projects, technologies, and education/outreach so that novel outcomes can be explored. The competition fosters small-scale education/outreach projects of real value by funding salaries, travel—whatever is needed to realize the proposed work. The competition showcases how the ESIP Federation can leverage current technologies and member skills to add new services with modest effort & funding. The competition rewards enterprising students who are looking to explore new ideas and new collaborations (future ESIP members and leaders).

Projects that engage the larger population are encouraged. Examples include broadcast or internet videos or audio programs, interactive websites, partnerships with community organizations, events, or outreach to schools.

To Participate: Teams must exhibit a poster (size limit: 25 by 30 inches) at the Friday Poster event at the Summer ESIP Federation meeting at the UTK Conference Center on Friday July 23rd 2010. A project leader to describe the poster must be present. NO PROXIES. The poster can be hand drawn: there is no weight given to the design of the poster.

Eligibility: Full-time students at post-secondary schools are encouraged to apply. The team members for the project should be identified on the poster. Eligible students can be the lead on only ONE proposed project. THE LEAD MUST BE PRESENT AT THE FUNDING FRIDAY POSTER EVENT TO COMPETE! You may propose in either the student or member FUNding Friday competition but not both.

To Vote: Voting will take place at the FUNding Friday event. All persons who have paid the registration fee for the Summer Meeting and who are present Friday morning will receive ballots. Each voter will get TWO ballots. There is no rule against voting both for one poster. Voting will close at the end of the Poster Session.

The winners will be announced at a box-lunch event on the same day. In the case of two way tie for second place, the winners can choose (by consensus) if they prefer to split the funding and do both projects, or flip a coin to determine the winner. In the case of a three (or more) way tie, the winner will be determined the ESIP Executive Committee at the next regular telecon. All decisions are final.

Awards and Responsibilities: Winning teams will be given 75% of the funds upon submissions of a project statement and milestone schedule to the Foundation Executive Director. The remaining 25% of the funds will be awarded at the Winter ESIP Meeting, where the winning projects will describe their work in a new poster. ONE person from each of the two winning teams will be provided with travel expenses to the 2010 Winter ESIP Meeting in DC.