Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet

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Activity You Say This May you interrupt speaker? Must you be seconded? Is action debatable? What vote is required?
Introduce business I move that... No Yes Yes Majority
Amend a motion I move that this motion be amended by…. No Yes Yes Majority
Have something studied further I move we refer this matter to committee No Yes Yes Majority
Postpone consideration of something I move we postpone this matter until…. No Yes Yes Majority
End debate in order to vote I move the previous question No Yes No 2/3 vote
Suspend further consideration of something I move that we table…. No Yes No Majority
Complain about something (noise, room temp. , etc.) Point of privilege Yes No No No vote
Recess the meeting I move that we recess until … No Yes No Majority
Adjourn the meeting I move that we adjourn No Yes No Majority
Object to procedure Point of order Yes No No No vote; Chair decides
Request information Point of information Yes No No No vote
Ask for vote by actual count to verify a voice vote I call for a division of the house No No No No vote
Object to considering some undiplomatic matter I object to consideration of this question Yes No No 2/3 vote
Take up a matter previously tabled I move to take from the table…. No Yes No Majority
Reconsider something already disposed of I move we reconsider our action relative to …. Yes Yes Yes Majority
Consider something out of its scheduled order I move we suspend the rules and consider … No Yes No 2/3 vote
Vote on a ruling by the Chair I appeal the chair’s decision Yes Yes Yes Majority