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Robert Downs, CIESIN

Nominee for Chair, Governance Standing Administrative Committee

I am pleased to announce my candidacy to serve as the C&B (Governance) Chair. I believe that I am an ideal candidate as a result of over fifteen years of experience as a contributing ESIP member and, in particular, my recent experience serving on the Board during the last three years, when the ESIP Federation has been considering governance and related issues in an effort to improve the joint governance of the Foundation and the Federation.

While on the Board, I also served as the Chair of the search committee for the Executive Director position and as a member of the Finance Committee. Seeing how governance decisions can affect ESIP operations and the perceptions of all who are involved in ESIP, I am keenly aware of the importance of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the role of the C&B (Governance) Chair. Furthermore, recognizing that the C&B (Governance) Chair would be expected to understand the governance documents and to manage the Board's review and actions on governance documents during this critical time of transition, I would welcome the opportunity to address the challenges associated with the transition. After having served on the Board for the last three years and in various leadership roles within the ESIP Federation through the years, I believe that I would be a valuable C&B (Governance) Chair and would be honored to serve.