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Back to [[Preservation and Stewardship]]
Latest spreadsheet: [[File:Provenance_Context_Content_2011-03-01.xls]]
Latest spreadsheet: [[File:Provenance_Context_Content_2011-03-01.xls]]

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Latest spreadsheet: File:Provenance Context Content 2011-03-01.xls


1. We have a column here to indicate the source identifying item. The idea is to keep track of it as long as it is needed, but when we agree to the list, eliminate the distinction.

2. The item number column shows the object number that NOAA uses. IN the case of items that came from NASA we don't have an item number.

3. We have grouped all items in the list into a small number of Categories: Ancillary Data, Instrument/Sensor Characteristics, Product Documentation, and Software. Here Product Documentation Category has a large number of Content Items in it. It may be useful to subdivide this Category, but we have not done it yet - we are open to suggestions.

4. The spreadsheet is simply alphabetically sorted, first by Category and then by Content Item Name in order to bring similar items together in the spreadsheet. Some merging and splitting of Content Items, and logical ordering may be needed.

5. We have included brief definition/description for each item, with rationale (why item is needed) and criteria (how items' goodness or completeness would be judged).

6. There is a priority column where there are many blanks, but we have put in H, M, L for some of the items.