Propose Criteria/Process for Inactive ESIP Members

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I. Scope:

Defines ESIP members who have been inactive from ESIP General Assembly meetings and voting activities and should be considered for removal as an ESIP member and voting rights.

II. Criteria for Inactivity:

Any ESIP member may be designated as inactive by the Partnership Committee under the following conditions:

  1. The ESIP member has not attended a General Assembly meeting, nor designated a proxy, for a period of four (4) consecutive meetings; and/or
  2. By the discretion of the Partnership Committee for any unusual circumstances - including, but not limited to violations against the ESIP Code of Conduct policy. A review of this action by the Executive Committee can be requested by the affected ESIP member. In this case, a majority vote by the Executive Committee is binding.
  3. Inactive status may be designated by the Partnership Committee to any ESIP that meets the above criteria retroactively when this bylaw comes into effect.

III. Notification for Inactive ESIP Member:

Any ESIP member designated by the Partnership Committee as inactive shall be notified by email or other means of their status. A good faith effort must be made to contact the ESIP member to notify them of their change in status.

  1. Contact ESIP member to determine their involvement in ESIP activities.
  1. No response in three months should indicate non-committal to ESIP activities and member will be removed from membership (as defined in section IV).
  1. If member responds and is not interested in ESIP membership, they will be removed from membership (as defined in section IV). No vote is needed by the Partnership or Executive Committee.
  1. If ESIP member still wants ESIP membership, they can change to active through attending a General Assembly meeting directly or by proxy, and/or a petition to the Partnership Committee stating reasons for inactivity.

IV. Process for Removal as ESIP Member:

If an inactive ESIP member does not restore to active status after a period of one (1) year from the date of their notification, the ESIP member concerned may be removed from the ESIP Federation by a majority vote of the Partnership Committee. After removal, application as a new ESIP to the Partnership Committee must be made.