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[[Has type::string]]
This is a property of type [[Has type::Text]].
[[allows value:=SO2]], [[allows value:=NO2]], [[allows value:=NOx]], [[allows value:=CO]], [[allows value:=O3]], [[allows value:=VOC]], [[allows value:=PM10]], [[allows value:=PM2.5]], [[allows value:=Lead]], [[allows value:=Aer. Carbon]], [[allows value:=TSP]], [[allows value:=AOD]], [[allows value:=HNO3 ]], [[allows value:=POPs]], [[allows value:=HCHO]], [[allows value:=AQI]], [[allows value:=Weather]], [[allows value:=RH]], [[allows value:=T]], [[allows value:=Precipitation]], [[allows value:=Wind Speed]], [[allows value:=Clouds]], [[allows value:=Demographic]], [[allows value:=Topography]], [[allows value:=PBL]], [[allows value:=Pressure]], [[allows value:=Surface rough]], [[allows value:=Albedo]], [[allows value:=Economics]], [[allows value:=Photosynthetic activity]], [[allows value:=Leaf Area Index]], [[allows value:=Solar Radiation]], [[allows value:=Land use(rural)]], [[allows value:=Soil moisture]], [[allows value:=Land Cover]], [[allows value:=Turbulence Params]]

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This is a property of type Text.