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Executive Committee of the ESIP Federation


  • Emily Law, President
  • Christine White, Vice President
  • Bill Teng, Chair, Finance
  • Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Bob Arko, Type I Rep
  • Sky Bristol, Type II Rep
  • Ted Habermann, Type III Rep
  • Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • LuAnn Dahlman, Chair, Education
  • Ethan Davis, Chair, IT & I
  • Denise Hills, Chair, Nominations
  • Soren Scott, Chair, Products and Services
  • Tom Narock, Chair, Semantic Technologies



2nd Tuesday of the month at 3 pm Eastern

Next Telecon, February 9, 3 pm EDT
Webex Information

To join the Excom meeting via Webex:

Go to
Click on the Meeting Center Tab
Find the Executive Committee meeting and Click Join
Enter your name, email and meeting code (23138379)

You will be prompted for audio either through your computer (follow prompts on screen) or by call in by phone (instructions below).

For phone:

Dial: 877-668-4493
Meeting Code: 23138379#
  1. Reminder that Dec Minutes were approved
  2. President's Report
    • Highlight
      • Funding opportunity: USGS is interested in standing up a couple of prototypes to demonstrate a PROV registry and an Annotation catalog. The products of these prototypes could potentially become community resources for ESIP. Sky Bristol, Steve Aulenbach, Erin, Annie, Christine and Emily held an initial telecom to discuss how ESIP can facilitate and support this effort. The conversation included how testbed framework can facilitate the prototypes, evaluation of the deliverables, and communication of such distributed architecture and products. USGS is currently crafting a project outline that will allow us to formulate a detailed plan to support their needs. Products and services committee will be involved. No action for ESIP at this time.
    • Actions
      • Committee chairs, working group and cluster chairs/co-chairs (may be Type reps as well?) to update work plan to align with ESIP direction in order to achieve ESIP goals laid out in the strategic plan approved by the assembly during 2016 winter meeting.
      • Excom to submit written report to ExCom wiki shortly after receiving monthly call notification, and read the reports prior to the call in an effort to allow more time for discussion.
      • ExCom to review and add ideas to 2016 work list on the ExCom wiki. We’d like your inputs/feedback as well as help to prioritize this year’s work. This will also assist in identifying opportunities to get involved.
  3. Staff Report
    • Highlight
      • TBD
    • Actions
      • TBD
  4. Committee Reports
    • C&B -
    • Finance
    • Partnership
    • Data Stewardship
    • Education
    • IT&I
    • Nominations
    • Products & Services
    • Semantic Technology
  5. Type Rep Reports
    • Type I
    • Type II
    • Type III
  6. Other Business

2016 Work Plan

2015 Other Topics

    • Changes in group memberships after Winter meetings are out of sync with FY. This specifically affects Ficom but could be a general issue as well.
    • Need/desirability for ESIP solicitations for specific work to be done (perhaps derived from Strategic Plan)?

2015 Work Plan

  1. Strategic Plan ( Emily lead, with Erin and Type Reps.)
    • Finalize Collaboration Area and Type Rep 2015 plans (Erin/Collab leads, Type Reps)
  2. Fed/Foundation Agreement (Peter ESIP lead, Karl Benedict FES Board Chair, FES Lead. Erin support)
  3. Federation Budget (Peter lead, with Erin, and then FiCom. (and idea of Gift funding))
  4. NASA ESIP Proposal renewal (Erin will lead)
  5. Earth System Science Decadal Survey Does ESIP want to recommend reps? (ExCom)
  6. Summer 2015 ESIP Meeting (Excom, Visioneers)
  7. Partnership outreach following C&B update (Tyler/Erin)
  8. Partnerships, GEO, CENDI, Council for Data Facilities, etc.
  9. Process for handling endorsements (Coalition for Data Publication/...) - Excom
  10. Ideas from ExCom?
Supporting Documents

Draft State of the Art Template


Future Agenda Topics

  • Commons Governance
  • Summer 2015 Planning

Minutes from recent telecons

Draft Excom Minutes
Approved Excom Minutes

Working Groups and Clusters

To view historic workgroups see: Inactive ExCom workgroups