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# Committee Reports (All)
# Committee Reports (All)
#*Cross-ESIP coordination (Peter Fox)
#*Cross-ESIP coordination (Peter Fox)
#*Replacing Finance & Appropriations Chair
#*Partnership and Finance Committee Members Needed
# Other Business
# Other Business
#* [http://www.icsu-wds.org/our-members/membership-application WDS Expression of Interest]
#* [http://www.icsu-wds.org/our-members/membership-application WDS Expression of Interest]

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Executive Committee of the ESIP Federation


  • Peter Fox, President
  • Emily Law, Vice President
  • Charles Hutchinson, Chair, Ficom
  • Tyler Stevens, Chair, Partnership
  • Bruce Caron, Chair, C&B
  • Sara Graves, Type I Rep
  • Ken Keiser, Type II Rep
  • Margaret Mooney, Type III Rep
  • Ruth Duerr, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • Roberta Johnson, Chair, Education
  • Matt Austin, Chair, IT & I
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services



Next Telecon, February 13, 2014

  1. Introductory Remarks (Peter Fox)
  2. Approval of November Minutes
  3. Staff Report (Carol Meyer)
    • Summer Meeting Prep
    • GEO
    • Resources for ESIP Leaders (Erin Robinson)
  4. Committee Reports (All)
    • Cross-ESIP coordination (Peter Fox)
    • Replacing Finance & Appropriations Chair
    • Partnership and Finance Committee Members Needed
  5. Other Business
Supporting Documents

Draft State of the Art Template

Future Agenda Topics

  • Revisit Award Criteria
  • Form Commons Governance Steering Committee

Minutes from recent telecons

Draft Excom Minutes
Approved Excom Minutes

Working Groups and Clusters

To view historic workgroups see: Inactive ExCom workgroups


Raskin Scholarship