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Minutes from recent telecons
Minutes from recent telecons
:[[Media:March2007ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''March 2007''']]
:[[Media:February2007ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''February 2007''']]
:[[Media:January2007ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''January 2007''']]
:[[Media:January2007ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''January 2007''']]
:[[Media:November2006ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''November 2006''']]
:[[Media:November2006ExCommMinutes.pdf|'''November 2006''']]

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Executive Committee of the ESIP Federation

Purpose and composition

Activities and Goals

Minutes from recent telecons

March 2007
February 2007
January 2007
November 2006
October 2006
September 2006
August 2006
July 2006
June 2006
April 2006
February 2006
January 2006

Working Groups and Clusters

Meeting Visioneering Working Group

At the November 2005 ExCom teleconference the Meeting Visioneering Working Group was set up to provide advice and support for the planning of the ESIP annual meetings. Bruce Caron volunteered to chair this working group.

The working group consists of the vice chairs from the standing committees, the vice president of the Federation, the ESIP Type representatives and any other ESIP members who care to contribute.

The working group will report back to the ExCom on a regular basis.

ESIP MV_WG <-- Link to working group Wiki branch

Committee Members

President Chuck Hutchinson, University of Arizona
Vice President Rob Raskin, JPL
Type I Representative Chris Lenhardt, SEDAC
Type II Representative Jami Montgomery, CLEANER
Type III Representative LuAnn Dahlman, TERC