Preservation and Stewardship Cluster 2011

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Group: Preservation and Stewardship
Contact Person: Curt Tilmes
Contact e-mail:

  1. What were the main accomplishments and activities of this group over the last six months to a year? (List successes or highlights from the group. List links tangible outputs/work products, if available)
    Much progress on Data Citations Guidelines, both in content and in outreach, plan to baseline at Winter meeting.

Provenance and Context Content Standard (PCCS) progressing, a version of this is baselined as a NASA specification. Outreach with identifiers recommendations. Identifiers paper published. Identifiers testbed progress, proposal accepted for the next phase. AGU preservation session.

  1. What is the group working on now?
    Identifiers, Data Citations, PCCS, Use Cases, Ontology, preservation outreach
  2. How is the work the #Group did supported? (ESIP-funded, external funding, time, computing resources)
    Participants fund their own time.

Product and Service committee testbed support.

  1. Do you work with other organizations (GEO, OGC, etc.) or other clusters? Is this primarily in a supporting role, peer-to-peer, or leadership relationship? How do you engage new members?
    NASA ESDSWG Tech Infusion Preservation and Stewardship working group, ESIP Product and Services Committee funding the testbed.

Semantic Web Cluster for Ontology expertise. DataCite Consortium. NOAA/Data Conservancy sponsored the Data Management Course, this cluster helped with.

  1. What are your goals for the next year?
    Baseline Data Citations Guidelines, PCCS.

Increase Data Citation outreach to encourage use of the guidelines. Extend work on identifiers beyond data. Refine and document use cases. Work on the ontology. Increase formal outreach to other organizations involved in preservation/stewardship.

  1. Do you anticipate needing resources or funding for these activities? If so, approximately how much?
    Continued support for identifiers test bed.

We may try to extend the test bed beyond the identifiers experiments into other areas.

  1. Is there anything that the staff or ESIP leadership could do to better support your group?
    None to report
  2. Any other comments?
    None to report