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Fall 2020 Class

Airborne Snow Observatories - ESIP-III

Building on a 7-year legacy with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Airborne Snow Observatories Inc. provides basin-scale inventories of mountain snow water resources using industry-leading airborne remote sensing techniques and modeling. ASO collaborates with many academic research organizations, including NCAR, and distributes data to academics for research purposes.

Full Application: [1]

Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning (SNAP) - ESIP-II

Since 2007, SNAP has used climate data to create and share ideas of what a future Northern climate could look like. Because climate projections can be misleading and potentially misused, interpretation that recognizes uncertainty is needed. We work with climate data every day and know how to display a specific trend or pattern in the most unbiased manner. SNAP scenarios are not forecasts based on probabilities. Instead, they use data to ask "What if ...?" and consider multiple divergent, challenging, and possible future events. Combining these scenarios with stakeholder knowledge fosters informed dialogue and planning.

We help partners and clients of varying needs and technical experience choose the best ways to visually communicate climate research information by creating maps, websites, interactive tools, diagrams, and print publications. Some examples include the Historical Sea Ice Atlas website and custom maps created for an Arctic management report to the President of the United States. SNAP also applies dynamical and statistical (delta) downscaling methods to climate data to create locally accurate climate information.

Full Application: [2]