P&S Telecon - May 19, 2015

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Review questions on just-released June "Incubation" RFP

  • Reviewed posted Testbed RFP
  • Reviewed changes to ESIP Testbed wiki page, highlighting Annie's "Crash Course" FAQ
  • Noted updates to "Past Testbed Tasks" page: all projects moved to table format, request for group to review for missing information on older projects

Testbed Vision Topics

Working on next fast-track proposal set for "prototype assessments"

Prototype RFP - similar format to the incubation

  • Post this RFP by mid-June, next P&S call can be similar to this one, where first half is Q&A
  • Annie do the first cut, P&S can help with review, input; AIST projects also providing input/review

How does "Hacker Space" at Summer Meeting play into this RFP?

  • Messaging: "RFP madness! What is going on in the Testbed?"
  • Diagram, blog post, etc. that explains how this all connects

As we work on this RFP, also think about these general topics:

  • Governance of the Testbed
  • Staff roles - what needs to be supported?
  • How do we publicize, clarify the Fast-track projects?
  • Business regarding Testbed - infrastructure, etc.?

Summer Meeting session and hackathon

Independent Tech Evaluation session

Hacker's Space - free form

  • Room for breakouts, designated for these connections/conversations
  • Able to reserve a table in the room for "project x" - assessment criteria, other topics, prototype, etc.
  • Overflow room too, if they want to keep working…?
  • 3rd way to do assessment - needs to be done in person
  • Additional FUNding Friday award for something worked on in the Hacker's space at the meeting
  • Messaging in advance on Hacker's Space resources

Next P&S call: Tuesday, June 16th, 11 Pacific

  • Can be similar to this one, where first half is Q&A on prototype solicitation
  • Q&A on Hacker's Space (?)