P&S Telecon - February 16, 2016

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  • Co-chair nominations
  • OGC Testbed 12 & 13 Update
  • Testbed website discussion
  • RFP discussion (minor governance update, discussion re: possible idea gathering methods)
  • 2015 FUNding Friday wrap-up (volunteer?)


Action Items

  1. Nancy will follow up with the 2015 FUNding Friday task
  2. Annie B. attending the OGC 12 kickoff in early March and we will continue to discuss ESIP’s potential participation in 13 after.
  3. Soren contacting the committee and (larger) cluster chairs regarding the rotating co-chair “nominations”. Will put together a basic schedule with some indication of expected P&S activities to collect volunteers.
  4. RFP standing rules and privacy concerns taken up by the VP and will update the committee as necessary.
  5. Soren & Annie B. will sort out archiving and the testbed.esipfed.org usage (ongoing).
  6. Soren & Annie B. will determine if any information regarding time estimates from the initial AIST round can be used to help update the RFP text.
  1. update 1: provide some guidelines on what kind of Testbed project is expected to go through ESIP evaluation
  2. update 2: provide a rough estimate of the PI time required for evaluation participation
  3. update 3: include text asking that evaluation time be budgeted in the proposal if the project will be evaluated.