P&S Telecon - April 19, 2016

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  • Annie Burgess
  • Line Pouchard
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Rebecca Fowler


  1. Update on recent activities - OGC Testbed 12 kickoff, USGS/ESIP Training/Hackathon, next AIST evaluation round
  2. April RFP update
    1. Possible Fast-track options:
      1. Develop the process for managing the collaboration space across the lifespan of an evaluation round
      2. Develop a set of metrics or process for end user evaluation.
  3. Standing rules documents (evaluation privacy, TCB)
  4. FUNding Friday?


Annie provided a brief update on the OGC kickoff meeting from March. She will be writing up notes on the organization of the meeting and the process shortly.

The April USGS/ESIP training and hackathon went well and a report will be delivered to ESIP soon. S. Scott attended, in part, to talk with Software Carpentry about possible collaboration or participation in the software evaluation guidelines activity.

We're currently working with EarthCube on a joint workshop in early June on technical assessments. For ESIP, this will be another avenue for software evaluation guidelines feedback. That activity is ongoing for April.

The next round of AIST evaluations has started with 6 projects identified by AIST. AB is soliciting evaluators for those over the next month or so. There's a session at the summer meeting for a PI kickoff meeting and the evaluation efforts will begin in September.

The drafts of the policies and procedures related to the testbed and evaluation process can be found on the wiki under Testbeds. Currently drafting three documents: Testbed Configuration Board Procedures, Checklist for Project Evaluation, and Privacy Guidelines for Evaluation Participants. A draft of the RFP proposal privacy guidelines is in progress (C. White) with SemTech. The TCB and Evaluation privacy guidelines are being developed for any committee and in collaboration with ExCom and SemTech members; the checklist draft is currently specific to the P&S evaluation efforts but may be extended as needed. I will leave the existing GDoc links available but any future drafting or commenting will be handled through the wiki.