P&S Monthly Telecon - March 12, 2012

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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Minutes for: ESIP Products & Services Telecon - Monday, March 12 @ 2pm CST

Call-in details:

Attendee Access code: 23140358#

WebEx online access: https://esipfed.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=esipfed

Note: the access code above (with no spaces or dashes) is the password for the online access


  • Updates on ESIP web infrastructure that will support the Testbed, as well as other ESIP functionality (Erin - should have warned her about this...)
  • Example "state of the art" documentation (Christine)
    • And discuss ideas for other Testbed and ESIP documentation - ESIP Commons, etc.
  • Testbed Presentation Series - 2nd in the series
    • Chen Xu and Phil Yang will present plans and current status of the NEW Testbed Portal
  • Next telecon - same day/time?
    • Meeting notes are posted on the wiki.

Meeting Notes:

Participants: John, Nancy, Chen, Yuechen, Christine, Rezgui, Carol, Hook, (other lurkers)


ESIP web infrastructure

  • Nancy asked about not having web code
  • Christine asked about github functionality
  • Ken will ask Erin to document hosting service and github instructions to be sent around

State of the Art Document

  • Christine walked through the Discovery Task example of this document
  • trying to address pain points of the activity
  • overview, problem statement, use cases, solutions, links to other information
  • Christine and Hook added "Use cases" and Benefits to ESIP as headings/sections

Testbed Presentation Series: Testbed Portal, Chen Xu

  • Comments
    • status:
    • roles and permissions -
      • what is difference between ESIP member and authenticated user?
        • what is the authentication plan for ESIP portal in general?
      • do multiple developers for a project have to be assigned by admin, or other manager?
      • Not sure of the purposed of "authenticated user" role - why is this necessary?
      • Carol pointed out having single sign-on for all ESIP portal functionality (Ajinkya is working on this issue)
      • What is the definition of "ESIP Member" in terms of the portal?
    • Community topics could be sent to email lists (Hook)
    • Are issues and comments the same (John?) - No
    • Some members would like to get started using the development version (Nancy)
  • Next month - Nancy Hoebelheinrich & Greg Janee (Preservation and Stewardship task)
  • Carol reminded everyone that the call for sessions at the Summer meeting is out and ready

Telecon Schedule - April 9th @ 2pm CT / 3pm ET