P&S Monthly Telecon - August 13, 2012

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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Info and Notes for: ESIP Products & Services Telecon - Monday, August 13 @ 1pm CT / 2pm ET

Call-in details:

Attendee Access code: 23140358#

WebEx online access: https://esipfed.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=esipfed

Note: the access code above (with no spaces or dashes) is the password for the online access

Participants: Erin, Carol, Phil, Chen, Jing, Tom Narock, Eugene, Christine, Hook, Ken

Agenda and Notes:

  • Summer meeting and Testbed session debrief
    • Notes on wiki: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Testbed_Session_at_ESIP_Summer_Meeting,_July_18,_2012
    • Notes on Commons: http://commons.esipfed.org/node/451
    • Use of cloud resources was big focus of discussions - momentum in that direction
    • Possible ways/ideas to set up ESIP cloud? Anyone want to be involved?
    • virtual meetings went off well at the meeting - good resources
    • need clearer workflows for cloud resources
    • winter meeting venue so everyone can hear what is available - Commons, other services - workshop, lab - figure out workflow and steps in advance
    • cloud workshop - hands-on for interested people, best practices
    • Poster session demonstrations - useful?
      • Christine - was not especially productive for Testbed exposure
      • Jing - not good participation/traffic
      • Erin - maybe use coffee breaks or other defined times for demonstration
      • Probably needed better delineation of Testbed demonstration area and someone (Ken) present to discuss the Testbed in general and point to the specific example projects
  • Migration of Testbed portal to ESIP/Commons environment
    • Ongoing: converting from drupal v6 to v7 (from Jing)
      • We tried to upgrade from Drupal 6 but there are quite a few comparability issues.
      • We configured a drupal 7 based site and moved the content of the old site to the version 7 swp.gmu.edu/esiptestbedv7.
      • You may not be able to access the old and new site due to the network issue of the university. Our IT administrator is working on this.
    • Will be...integrating with user authorization from commons
    • still need review/testing of site http://swp.gmu.edu/esiptestbed/
  • Looking for new Testbed projects - below are a couple possibles
    • AGU publications as linked data (Tom Narock and Eric Rozell)
      • Funding Friday last year
      • connections between paper authors - as ESIP members
      • additional data from NSF, more ESIP meeting info, Earth Cube
      • small prototype on university computer - need better collaboration
      • investigate porting to cloud resources
    • NOAA use of GeoServer to support GeoPlatforms (Matt Austin, Micah Wengren)
      • might be able to build off of GeoPortal project
    • others? Need to get the word out
  • Looking ahead - Winter meeting plans (already?)
    • High profile/exposure for ESIP services - plenary presentation?
      • Commons/Portal
      • Testbed
      • Cloud/web hosting
    • Code management - software as an asset for the community
  • ExCom meeting items...
    • All Testbed projects need to create a State of Art document in Commons
    • Committee budgets - get budget forms from Carol and provide suggestions on ongoing infrastructure costs, known/expected projects to fund and then some funding for possible project proposals
  • Suggestions for monthly meeting topics/presentations
    • Use of Testbed to support workshops (Hook) - hack-a-thon use of cloud resources - maybe as ESIP services, but maybe a Testbed activity as well
      • use of multiple virtual environments - example RAMADDA made accessible to everyone in workshop concurrently
    • Use with eucalyptus as another environment (Jing) - GMU interest
    • ESIP is currently paying for Amazon services for use by Testbed and others
    • Possible collaboration with JPL for Amazon - need a plan for a good opportunity
    • Use of re-usable and re-purposed services and capabilities through the cloud without the overhead of administration
  • Earth Cube Broker Hack-a-thon opportunity - Christine is heading up. Will be good exposure for ESIP and Discovery efforts. WebEx sessions have been setup. Christine will provide more information to Discovery Cluster and P&S email lists.