P&S 2005-05-23

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Data Quality Discussion at Winter Meeting[edit | edit source]

  • Overall logistics
Total time available: six hours
General structure: morning talks/afternoon breakouts
  • Climate Data Records -- Bruce Barkstrom, John Bates
Must stand the test of time, so most stringent
  • Science Ready/Science usage
ScienceSociety Benefit area groups
  • Applications (Commercial)
  • Education

P&S Inventory/ESIP Partnership Database[edit | edit source]

  • Will work with GCMD to fill in ESIP records
  • Will contact NCDC and NOAA folks to get up-to-date on their inventory project
  • Discussed what list of Data Quality issues could be ihncluded in polling
NOAA has some simple fields
We will look through the notes from our previous discussions
Possibly this aspect will come in the second pass when we fill in more details