Operational ethics

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How might we integrate data ethics practices into our work to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice (DEIJ) in environmental data science? We hope to connect the values of DEIJ to the practice of doing data science both in our internal, cross-domain, and partnership collaborations. This work will focus on operational guidance and example solutions that will directly inform the ‘how’ of our work as data scientists. To do this we will:

  • draft operational guidelines for this cluster as a case study in DEIJ (year 1);
  • presentations at ESIP and other societies (AGU) on cluster activities to extend resources and engage outside perspectives.

Possible activities for year 2 include:

  • a series of case study focused YouTube recordings of cluster presentations a perspectives paper on how ethics are operationalized in data science;
  • educational module for undergraduate and graduate students or Carpentry-style workshop.


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Get Involved

  • Contact Chair:
    • Kathe Todd-Brown - k dott toddbrown at ufl dot edu
    • Lillian Aoki
    • Caitlin White
    • Kaelin Cawley