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Environmental Decision Making Cluster October 27, 2009

Participants: Karl Benedict, Yuechen Chi, Bob Downs, Chuck Hutchinson, Dave Jones, Carol Meyer, Drew Pilant, Will Pozzi, Rob Raskin, Manny Smith

Winter Meeting

Plenary Sessions:
Day 1
Panel 1 - federal agency reps from NASA, NOAA, EPA, USGS
Pane1 2 - Pam Whitney, House Committee on Science and Technology; Roy Rasmussen, NCAR Research Applications Laboratory; Linda Myrnes, NCAR Institute, Caitlin Simpson, NOAA RISA Program Manager, Brad Quayle, Remote Sensing Applications Center, US Forest Service
Day 2
Speaker 1 - Sheril Kirshenbaum, Duke University researcher and author, Unscientific America
Spekaer 2 - Rich Engel, Director, Climate Change and State Stability Program, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Breakout Sessions:
Day 1 (6 30-minute sessions)
Case Studies
Day 2
Tools/Methods/Data Integration (7 20-minute sessions)
Science data inputs (2 15-minute sessions)
Day 3
Application Needs
Flood Tracking
Carbon Tracking
Solutions - toward better informed decisions
Metrics - possible OMB speaker
Items for discussion
-Linkages with domain clusters, in parallel Thursday morning? This would allow 90 minutes for each application area to focus on decision-making aspects.
-We will invite Moly Macauley to be a "breakout keynote" to start the Wednesday afternoon session.
-Several of the panel speakers will be invited to give more extended presentations during the breakouts
-Participants not currently Federation members will be encouraged to have their associated organizations join!
-Invitations to attend the Winter meeting will be sent to presenters at the Fall AGU (see below) and to winners of Decision-related grants (see the wiki for list of winners from six recent solicitations)

Fall AGU Meeting

There are two sessions on Environmental Decision Making at the Fall AGU Meeting: A31A (Wed AM posters) and A34A (Wed 4-6pm oral presentations).

Next telecon

Tentatively set for Thurs Nov 19, 3pm EST