New Member Welcome Packet

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  1. Welcome Message from ESIP President
  2. ESIP History + Mission
  3. ESIP Leadership (Appropriate Contacts for Help)
  4. Important Links
  5. Group Processes
    • Assembly Meetings - The ESIP Assembly meets once a year in January at the ESIP Meeting
    • Voting - As a member, your organization gets one vote. You (or your voting representative) will be requested to vote on new partners, ESIP leadership and on official ESIP documents
    • Policy Documents
    • Code of Conduct (draft)
  6. Ways to Engage
  7. Contact Us (Update with contacts)
    • Partnership Chair - Danie Kinkade
    • ESIP President - Emily Law
    • ESIP Vice President - Christine White
    • Staff -