Minutes from AQ Cluster Session

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Powerpoint slides by Stefan Falke

  • Introduction: Cluster has met 4 times. This meeting has an emphasis on collaborating between sessions.
    • Cluster brings together different groups of people (data providers to users)
    • Cluster Database
    • Cluster contributor to Earth Information Exchange
    • Pilot Project
    • Collaboration and identify areas of overlap.
  • Earth Information Exchange on Geospatial One Stop (gen login:esipfed/pw: discover)
    • Wildfire application - provides page where domain specific applications can be highlighted.
    • Question Martha Maiden - vision of portal?
    • Stefan Falke - Work on describe and register the applications on portal and use EIE to highlight the ones that are AQ relevant. EIE another view/perspective to GOS or other catalog, simpler interface. Provide a jumping point to different applications ("mash-ups")
    • Question Brian Wilson - Technical limitations with portal?
    • (fill in response)
  • Frank - Create portal for pool AQ resources. AirNOW example of collaboration of interagency work delivering near-realtime data.