Meeting Handbook

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Committees, work groups and clusters meet monthly. For a calendar of all the meetings, see the google calendar. These meetings are where the bulk of the ESIP work gets done, so it is very important that we capture these calls to the best of our ability. This document is dynamic and open.


Identify who will send the reminder email and start the call.

Ping Chair

Touch base with the chair of your group a week to 10 days before the scheduled call to get an idea of agenda and any annoucements that should be included in the group email reminder.

Meeting announcement email

Hi All,

The XYZ group is having their next telecon [DATE]. Call details and agenda are below and posted on the wiki (LINK). If you have additional topics, e-mail me and I can add to the list or edit the site directly.

Telecon Info: (This will be standard for your group)

To start or join the online portion of the meeting:

To join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone, click:

PUT CALL URL HERE (from Calendar) [SEE: Below]

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (224) 501-3412

Access Code: access code of call URL



  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


GoToMeeting General and Organizer Instructions

General Instructions:

There are numerous ways to start or join a GoToMeeting:

  • From Google Calendar in your browser (
  • From the Agenda on the website
  • From your collaboration area wiki
  • From a link that was emailed to you

Regardless of which path you’ve chosen, you will be presented with a link to start or join the meeting. Click it.

If you arrive at a screen that says “Waiting for organizer” and someone other than yourself is going to be starting and running the telecon, simply wait for the organizer to arrive and get it started. Once the organizer gets the meeting started, all those waiting will be joined automatically.

For organizers:

If you are the one responsible for starting the telecon, you have to sign in. Click now where it says “If you are the organizer, please sign in.” Here’s how:

All telecons have been assigned to a group, numbered one through four.

  1. Group 1 telecons sign in as;
  2. Group 2 sign in as;
  3. Group 3 sign in as;
  4. Group 4:

To get the password for all groups, email

If you don’t know what group your telecon is assigned, contact

Notes on Recording: Once the meeting begins, remember that it will not be recorded unless you click the Record button. When the meeting ends, you will be prompted to convert the recording. This is a quick process that converts the temporary file into a .mp4 version. The temporary and the converted recording will initially be stored on the organizer’s local device (for example, your laptop). After uploading it to the cloud, organizers may want to delete these files off their device, as they are taking up disk space. On a PC they are in .../Documents; on a Mac in .../Documents/Recordings.

Uploading Recordings to ESIP Cloud: After ending a GoTo telecon and converting the recording to .mp4, the next step should be to rename the file. Choose a name that is short, and append the date of the recording to the end of the name. Next, click one of these links to upload the recording to ESIP cloud storage, where it will be accessible by others: ESIP Staff Others

Accessing Telecon Recordings from the Cloud: To view or download stored GoToMeeting telecons: ESIP Staff click here General public click here General public log in as, password Earth111

During Meeting


You are writing a draft of the minutes. No need to capture he/she said... concepts, questions, decisions and actions. When you email out to the group, others have the opportunity to modify what is there. Feel free to ask for clarification and for names, if you don't know who is speaking.


Participants: ...

Annotated agenda with notes


  • What, who is doing it, by when?

Post-Meeting Follow-up

Within 24 hours send the link to the minutes, include a link to the recorded WebEx call and specifically highlight any action items.

Follow-up email

Hi All -

To follow-up from the XYZ meeting today, the minutes posted on the wiki. The actions from the call are:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Our next scheduled call is ______. Feel free to add items to the agenda on the wiki or by emailing them to me and I will add.

Thanks to those who attended!

Links to Minutes