McIDAS-V Scientific Data Visualization and Analysis Workshop

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In this workshop, you will be given a 4 GB flash drive (to keep!) with the McIDAS-V software and some sample data on it. I am limiting enrollment for this workshop to 15 people, if you are interested please sign up below. Two reasons for the limit: 1. So I know how many flash drives to bring, and 2. You can only keep so many people synced up when doing a workshop like this.

This lab is nothing to be afraid of, it will be very basic. I will walk you through simple steps to start the software, load some data, and do some basic 2-D and 3-D visualization and analysis. If you go home and wipe the flash drive clean for a souvenir, fine with me. I will have accomplished my goal of getting you exposed to the McIDAS-V software, you will have kicked the tires.

What exactly is McIDAS-V? The "V" stands for 5th generation. It is a free, open-source visualization and data analysis software package for geophysical data, allowing you to manipulate the data in 2, 3, or 4 dimensions. I have included a screen-shot below, and while not required, if you are curious you can read more about it.

McV MetOp Globe.jpg

To Sign up, either your name to the next open slot below, or just send me a note and I'll add you.

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