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Welcome to the ESIP Marine Data Cluster
Co-Chairs: Carolina Berys-Gonzalez, Mathew Biddle, Joseph Gum

The goal of the Marine Data Cluster is to bring together ESIP members working with data in the marine geosciences to discuss advancements and challenges in their field, and to build relationships to foster future collaborations. This group will explore critical topic areas in informatics such as data management, interoperability, data analytics, data quality, and cloud computing, but specifically related to the marine environment, the members’ shared domain. The cluster facilitates teleconferences twice a month where members or other cohorts will present their research and solicit feedback from the community. The intent is to connect with participants from other relevant ESIP data clusters and discuss how innovations in their work can be applied to the marine geosciences. The teleconferences also serve as a venue to plan ESIP meeting session proposals in topic areas that are deemed most important and would benefit from in-person collaboration and wider community exposure.

Get Involved

  • Email List: ESIP Marine Data Cluster
  • Marinedata Channel in ESIP Slack workspace
  • Meeting Info:
    • Meetings held every 2nd Thursday, 11:00 - 12:00 PT, 2:00 - 3:00 ET
    • Meeting link: Zoom
    • You can also dial in using your phone: +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
    • Meeting ID: 849 6471 8283
    • Passcode: 023686
  • Calendar:


Co-Chair: Carolina Berys-Gonzalez,

Co-Chair: Mathew Biddle,

Co-Chair: Joseph Gum,

Meeting Minutes


2024-02-29 - IOOS DMAC - ODIS Demo

2024 January ESIP Meeting YouTube Playlist


2023-12-14 - Doug Fils - Instructional Material on Structured Data on the Web and the UN Ocean Decade

2023-09-14 - Semantic Harmonization for Ocean Data - collaboration with the Semantic Harmonization Cluster

2023-06-08 - Cleaned Ocean Section Data for Education and Research - Jim Swift

2023-03-09 - CCHDO - Knowledge Extraction from Cruise Reports - Dakshh Saraf


2022-08-11 - Xarray - Filipe Fernandes, Kristen Thyng, Andrew Barna

2022-06-09 - Argovis - Steve Diggs

2022-03-10 - Elasticsearch - Chris Olson


2021-10-14 - QARTOD - Mark Bushnell

2021-04-08 Vocabularies in the Marine World

2021-02-11 Vocabularies Special Session


2020/11/12 ERDDAP Developments

2020/09/10 R2R Best Practices

2020/06/25 ODV Demo

2020/05/14 Repositories in the 21st century

2020/04/09 Argovis

2020/01/23 Ocean Sciences Data Help Desk Review


2019/10/24 BCO-DMO's ERDDAP Migration

2019/10/10 Reproducible Science

2019/09/12 Surfing an Ocean of Knowledge for Sustainable Development: AI for bringing out the best of ocean observing

2019/08/22 Repo Renovation

2019/08/08 Describing Research Data Using

2019/07/12 Marine Data x ESIP Collaboration Areas

2019/06/27 The COAPS Simplified Daily Scatterometer Swath Product and Tools

2019/06/13 Applications of Satellite Winds Observations

2019/05/23 Oceanhackweek

2019/05/09 Outreach for Data Management

2019/04/25 Demos of OIIP Visualization Tool, CSV to netCDF-CF Using Rosetta, and THREDDS 5.0

2019/04/11 An Introduction to OIIP and THREDDS

2019/03/28 Hurricane Hunter Data at NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division

2019/03/14 CCHDO CF compliant Net-CDF - Standard Names

2019/02/28 CCHDO netCDF Data Structure

2019/02/14 Git Overview and Use Case Example


ESIP Collaboration Area webpage:

DOOS Easy Resources for Managing Marine Data: link to blog and infographic

Controlled Vocabularies and Marine Data: