March 25, 2011

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  • Gregory Leptoukh (NASA GSFC)
  • Peter Grimm (NOAA)
  • Erin Robinson (ESIP Fed)
  • Joanne Nightingale (NASA GSFC)
  • Bruce Barkstrom (Independent)
  • Siri-Jodha Khalsa (NSIDC)
  • Ted Habermann (NOAA)
  • Hook Hua (JPL)


  • Preparation for the Summer EIP Meeting in Santa Fe: ESIP Summer 2011 Meeting
    • Speakers
    • Main topics to discuss at the summer meeting - which ones are the most important?
    • Breakout sessions – how many?
    • Identify reps of various research and application communities for:
      • their understanding and requirements for quality
      • methodology they use to assess and quantify data quality
      • Communities: SST, Ocean color, Precipitation, Atm Chemistry, Land, Modeling, Applications (e.g., Air Quality),...
  • How and when for IQ telecons
    • One main topic per telecon (presentation via WebEx)
    • Every other Friday at 2:30 pm Eastern time (have been told that Fridays are on half hour somehow...


  • Peter G.: represents an OMB view on the "Influential" aspect Information Quality. Quoting NOAA Information Quality guidelines: "Influential information means information the agency reasonably can determine will have or does have a clear and substantial impact on important public policies or private sector decisions."
  • Bruce B: suggested to address how to address probability uncertainty in climate change forecast and how it affects risk management.
  • Joanne N. volunteered to represent the land community
  • Siri-Jodha: asked if we are limiting ourselves to Remote Sensing (RS) data. Greg's answer: "yes".
  • Bruce B: suggested to use the nine GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs): Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Disasters, Ecosystems, Energy, Health, Water, and Weather to represent broad communities (to start with).
  • Hook H.: Quality Taxonomy as a start for Data Quality ontology exercise at the Summer meeting.
  • Siri-Jodha and Ted H. discussed whether the ISO quality standard can be used now.
  • Siri-Jodha has previously extracted ISO quality definitions - the doc is on IQ page under References--> IQ Standards
  • Greg L: is Friday good for this telecon? Answers: JPL has every other Friday off - need to figure out which Friday to choose :-)

Action Items

  • All: by Apr 1 identify potential speakers
  • All: identify main D&IQ topics for the summer meeting
  • All: reach out to different communities and identify reps.
  • Greg will contact Peter Cornillon for SST, Ken K. and Ed A for Ocean Color
  • Hook and Greg: setup a page for collecting and aliasing quality-related terms