Making Science Data Easier to Use with OPeNDAP

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

N.B.: Do not paste these OPeNDAP URLs into a browser! In general, this will result in downloading the original file in its entirety. The URLs are meant to be pasted into an OPeNDAP client.

Panoply Examples

  • Tropospheric NO2 from OMI for July 7 2010: not work in GrADS)

Ozone algorithm comparison


CO2 comparison

  • June 2010:
  • June 2003:

IDV Examples

Ferret Example

CO2 and the Jetstream, based on Chahine et al., 2008, Fig.3 Links:

  • Monthly CO2 from AIRS for July 2003: ]
  • Geopotential height from NCEP Reanalysis]: 500 mbar = level 12, July 2003 = time 667:

Ferret Commands:

set region/x=0:360
set data ""
set data ""
contour/k=12/L=667/overlay HGT
go land