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The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is a broad-based, distributed community of data and information technology practitioners who come together to collaborate on coordinated interoperability efforts across Earth science communities. Start Here | FAQ


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The Earth Science Information Partner (ESIP) Federation meets twice annually, January and July. The meetings each take on a different focus. The winter meeting, held the first week of January each year in Washington, DC has a focus on higher level policy issues. The summer meeting, typically held in July (the week varies) moves around the country to different locations. The summer meeting is technical in nature. The meetings supplement interactions throughout the year by offering concentrated blocks of time to work collaboratively on issues of interest to the community. Each meeting has a theme, ranging from evaluating the impacts of data to defining data and information quality. Feel free to join us at an upcoming ESIP Federation meeting. Links to such meetings are found below.

Summer Meeting 2013 (July 9-12, Chapel Hill, NC)
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Participation in the ESIP Federation allows members to expose, gather and enhance their own in-house capabilities in support of an organization’s own mandates. Ultimately, these collaborations enhance the success of data interoperability efforts. The ESIP Federation has a 13-year track record of working on Earth science interoperability solutions that connect distributed and heterogeneous communities through the application of broad community technical expertise.

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