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==Societal Benefit Areas==
[[Image:Silver Falls OR.JPG|left|Silver Falls, OR]]
:[[Air Quality Cluster | Air Quality]]
:[[Coastal Management]]
:[[Disaster Management]]
:[[Ecological Forecasting]]
:[[Public Health]]
:[[Water Management]]
:[[Cluster tools]]
==Federation Administration==
::[[Web Services]]
*Standing Committees
::[[Products and Services]]
::[[Interoperability and Technology|Information Technology and Interoperability]]
::[[Commercial Development]]
::[[Community Engagement]]
*Administrative Committees
::[[Executive Committee]]
::[[Constitution and Bylaws]]
*[[Federation Documents|Defining Documents]]
==Earth Information Exchange==
*[[Vision Document]]
::[[Use Cases]]
::[[Interaction Diagrams]]
*[[Portal Working Group]]

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