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Matthew Mayernik, NCAR

Nominee for Chair, Data Stewardship Technical Standing Committee

I am honored to be nominated for the Data Stewardship Committee chair position. In my role as a Project Scientist and Research Data Services Specialist in the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Library, I frequently look to the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee for expertise, recommendations, and collaboration opportunities on topics ranging from persistent identifiers and data citation to data preservation and provenance tracking. My work at NCAR has also benefited from participating in the ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee, and the ESIP Documentation and Usability Clusters.

My goal as chair would be to continue the Data Stewardship Committee's leadership role within the Earth and space science informatics communities. As chair, I would focus on three main efforts:

  1. Building on the Committee's achievements by extending and updating Committee products, including the data citation recommendations and Data Management Short Course for Scientists;
  2. Developing new Committee outputs that respond to pressing needs and interests of the ESIP community; and
  3. Facilitating connections between the Data Stewardship Committee and other ESIP committees and clusters.

My other priority as chair would be to engage new participants where possible, to bring new voices and perspectives to ongoing data stewardship challenges. This will include working with new members of the ESIP community, as well as liaising with related efforts in the Research Data Alliance, the library community, and groups from other scientific domains.