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ElementsDefinition and Recommended Practice
1citation0..*Description: identification of reference or guidance material for the requirement shortName: reqRefSee CI_Citation
2identifier1Description: unique name, or code, for the requirement shortName: reqIdSee MD_Identifier
3requestor1..*Description: origin of requirement shortName: requestorSee CI_Responsibility
4recipient1..*Description: person(s), or body(ies), to recieve results of requirement shortName: recipientSee CI_Responsibility
5priority1Description: relative ordered importance, or urgency, of the requirement shortName: reqPriSee ISO_19115_and_19115-2_CodeList_Dictionaries#MI_PriorityCode
6requestedDate1Description: required or preferred acquisition date and time shortName: reqDateSee MI_RequestedDate
7expiryDate1Description: date and time after which collection is no longer valid shortName: reqExpireSee DateTime
8satisifiedPlan0..*Definition neededSee MI_Plan

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