MI Operation

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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 description 0..* description of the mission on which the platform observations are made and the objectives of that mission See CharacterString
2 citation 0..* citation for the mission See CI_Citation
3 identifier 0..* identifier for the mission See MD_Identifier
4 status 1 status of the data acquisition See ISO_19115_and_19115-2_CodeList_Dictionaries#MD_ProgressCode
5 type 0..* collection technique for the operation See ISO_19115_and_19115-2_CodeList_Dictionaries#MI_OperationTypeCode
6 parentOperation 0..* heritage of the operation See MI_Operation
7 childOperation 0..* sub-missions that make up part of a larger mission See MI_Operation
8 platform 0..* Description: Platform (or platforms) used in the operation. See MI_Platform
9 objective 0..* object(s) or area(s) of interest to be sensed See MI_Objective
10 plan 0..* plan satisfied by the operation See MI_Plan
11 significantEvent 0..* record of an event occurring during an operation See MI_Event