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Mike Daniels, NCAR

ESIP Governance Committee Chair Nominee

It is an honor to have been nominated for the position of Chair of the ESIP Governance Committee. I have been formally involved in ESIP since 2011, when I led the membership application process for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Over the past five years, I have encouraged others from NCAR (and elsewhere) to be engaged with ESIP and we have grown in our participation over the years. I believe NCAR staff have made significant contributions in a number of ESIP areas of interest since that time. Through ESIP, I have met so many folks in informatics and data sciences and the experience has both strengthened my career and brought about many friendships among like-minded individuals who understand the value and importance of earth science data. All of this great work and collaboration cannot happen without the underpinnings that governance provides, however, and so I view the Governance Committee function as crucial to the continuing success of ESIP as the organization enters its third decade.

I have served as an ESIP Board Member (2014-2015) and a member of the ESIP Constitution and ByLaws Committee (2015) which has given me a great opportunity to observe ESIP’s governance in action. I am also a Board member and Past President of another 501(c)3 community service organization. I believe Ken Keiser did an excellent job as C&B Chair, particularly in terms of meticulously ironing out specific challenges with the wording in the Constitution and ByLaws documents and also through tracking revisions by putting the documents into github ( The issues Ken addressed were timely and important and I would do my best to continue many aspects of his leadership if I am selected for the position. I understand that the biggest near-term issue for this position will likely be to lead the transition toward the new ESIP Bylaws/Policies and Procedures documents. I would be honored to serve on this project.