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<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">1</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">1</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">[[CharacterString|unitsOfDistribution]]</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">[[CharacterString|mrd:unitsOfDistribution]]</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">0..1</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">0..1</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">[[CharacterString|gco:CharacterString]]</td>
<td bgcolor="CCFFFF">[[CharacterString|gco:CharacterString]]</td>

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Technical means and media by which a resource is obtained from the distributor

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mrd:unitsOfDistribution 0..1 gco:CharacterString Tiles, layers, geographic areas, etc. in which the data is available.
2 mrd:transferSize 0..1 gco:Real Estimated size of the transfer unit in the specified format, expressed in megabytes. This information is not usually available for resource collections that have variable options for download.
3 mrd:onLine 0..* cit:CI_OnlineResource Information about the online access locations where the resource may be obtained. Use functionCodes: 'download' for direct access, 'search' for discovery environments and 'order' for ordering environments. onLine: (CI_OnlineResource)
linkage: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/dem/squareCellGrid/getArchive/592?gridFormat=ESRI+Arc+ASCII
name: Bar Harbor, Maine Coastal Digital Elevation Model ASCII DEM
description: Download DEM, metadata and readme file.
function: (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) download
4 mrd:offLine 0..* mrd:MD_Medium Information about the offline distribution media.
5 mrd:transferFrequency 0..1 gco:TM_PeriodDuration Rate of occurrence of distribution
6 mrd:distributionFormat 0..* mrd:MD_Format Format of distribution

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