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Information about the events or source data used in constructing the data specified by the scope or lack of knowledge about lineage

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mrl:statement 0..1 gco:CharacterString Mandatory if mrl:source and mrl:processStep are not documented
General explanation of the level of knowledge or lack thereof about the lineage.
2 mrl:scope 0..1 mcc:MD_Scope Type of resource and/or extent to which the lineage information applies.
3 mrl:additionalDocumentation 0..* cit:CI_Citation A citation to additional lineage documentation.
4 mrl:source 0..* mrl:LI_Source Mandatory if mrl:statement and mrl:processStep are not documented
Information about the input used in the development of the resource. Provide citations to the input data. This is especially valuable for processed satellite data and model data.
5 mrl:processStep 0..* mrl:LI_ProcessStep Mandatory if mrl:statement and mrl:source are not documented
General description of how the resource was developed or an event associated with the resource.

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