LE Processing

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Comprehensive information about the procedure(s), process(es) and algorithm(s) applied in the process step

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mrl:algorithm 0..* mrl:LE_Algorithm
2 mrl:identifier 1 mcc:MD_Identifier Information to identify the processing package that produced the data
3 mrl:softwareReference 0..1 cit:CI_Citation Reference to document describing processing software
4 mrl:procedureDescription 0..1 gco:CharacterString Additional details about the processing procedures
5 mrl:documentation 0..* cit:CI_Citation Reference to documentation describing the processing
6 mrl:runTimeParameters 0..1 mrl:CharacterString Parameters to control the processing operations, entered at run time
7 mrl:parameter 0..* mrl:LE_ProcessParameter
8 mrl:otherPropertyType 0..1 gco:RecordType Type of other property description netcdf/variable in ncml.xsd or AdditionalAttribute in ECHO
9 mrl:otherProperty 0..1 gco:Record Instance of otherPropertyType that defines attributes not explicitly included in LE_Processing

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Possible Parent Elements

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