Know Where Graph; Professor Krzysztof Janowicz

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10//20/2022 (Discovery Cluster Telecon Presentation)

Know Where Graph project in a nut-shell: Providing area briefings within seconds any place on Earth.

What is here? What happened here before? Who is an expert in the region? Also, analytics questions comparing regions, or evaluating connectivity between nearby regions.

Quickly improve decision maker’s situational awareness of what’s going on in a region to improve the quality of their decisions.

Current techniques depend on geoenrichment. The Know Where Graph project additionally uses knowledge graphs that offer the next generation capabilities to work with and process this kind of information.

The project brings to bear 10 different thematic datasets (Wildfires, Earthquakes, Social Vulnerability, etc.) and is working with SMEs from across government and commercial sectors to develop the Know Where Graph use cases.  Additionally, Know Where Graph can identify locations, using 8 different region codes (FIPS, DMA, Zip, etc).  It uses open standards, can be downloaded and queried, and connects within an ecosystem that includes hundreds of knowledge graphs called the proto Open Knowledge Network.

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