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Kevin Ashley, Digital Curation Centre

Nominee for at-large member, ESIP board

I'm honoured to have the opportunity to stand for one of the at-large positions on the ESIP Federation Board. My interest in this is not as a researcher in the Earth Sciences or as a researcher in any discipline. My entire career has been spent in the support of data-dependent research and in the safeguarding, curation, integration and reuse of data from as wide a variety of sources as possible. I've worked supporting researchers at a national clinical research centre, a national supercomputer centre in London and am now Director of the UK's Digital Curation Centre where our international mission centres on enabling effective data reuse. Amongst other roles, I serve as an external advisor on the Information Strategy Group for the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) which has NERC data centres as one of its primary responsibilities.

Since having the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at ESIP's winter 2014 meeting I've used ESIP as an example to others around the world of what can be achieved through effective inter-organisation cooperation at grass roots level. I found the organisation, the event and above all the people I've met through ESIP to be inspiring. I'm keen to do what I can to help ESIP at a time of change and challenge for the organisation and for research worldwide.

I've got over 20 years experience in the governance of non-profit organisations including 13 years on the board of the Digital Preservation Coalition (www.dpconline.org), currently as its Vice Chair. I've been active in international organisations of many forms throughout my working life. I see one of my strengths as being enabling connections between people and organisations who can help each other. I like to listen and then act in the interests of those I've listened to. I would welcome the chance to listen to more of those in ESIP and do my best to act in your interests.