June 4, 2015

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June 4, 2015 C&B Telecon Notes

Agenda and Notes

Pending Items

  • Discuss status of current C&B documents
  • Reference documents (https://www.evernote.com/l/AIUdLixCf7tETaWJPDGqfjsfEWfSM_J7LfA)
  • Review of the current draft with sections marked in yellow that have been changed since 2011.
    • Denise, Mike and Erin noted a couple of changes that were voted on by electronic vote that are not reflected in this draft (nominations and ending a partnership). [ACTION] Erin will dig up the original electronic vote information, then [ACTION] Ken will make the modifications to the draft and send it around for proofing by they committee members
    • The issue with electronic votes highlights an issue that the electronic votes have not been documented in the official records, e.g. Assembly meeting minutes, or any other documents. This probably needs to be addressed by a requirement that all electronic vote results are read into the minutes for the next Assembly meeting in order to officially record the contents and voting results.
  • Version control plans
    • It was suggested to use the ESIP GitHub project to manage and track C&B documents
      • Erin suggested the wiki could already serve this purpose and provides version control
      • Other opinions were that git is better suited for managing the official documents, but that the current latest version should always be posted in both the ESIP Commons and Wiki.
      • Group decided to run an “experiment” with git along these lines and then revisit the topic once we see how things are working (or not).
    • converting documents to MS Word - previously only found in PDF
      • Ken has been able to convert the latest PDF versions back to MS Word that can be used for the version-controlled document going forward.
  • Upload and annotate current approved version of both Constitution and Bylaws in GitHub
    • [ACTION] Ken will coordinate with Erin on getting access to create a C&B project in the ESIP account.
  • Review request to add the Semantic Technologies Committee (https://www.evernote.com/l/AIXvCzotbtpF94flCaJbh20Hou21gT3tN7c)
    • [ACTION] Committee needs to review the text and we can discuss at the next meeting, moving towards a recommendation/approval to submit for an Assembly vote (electronic or Winter meeting).
  • Revisit Quorum and Membership Lapsing Discussions (http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Quorum_and_Membership_lapsing)
  • Review current Constitution and Bylaws for any suggested updates/changes

A few reviewed items to consider (responses from Erin in bold)

  • (III.1.4) term of 1 year for Pres and VP - consider changing - yes

consider different options to present to Assembly discussion - president elect, promotion of VP to Pres, make longer term, etc.

  • (IV.1.2) states that in addition to the chair of each admin committee, that the Assembly will also elect 3 additional members to each. This does not currently happen. Should it be modified? Currently the Types each elect a member, which works out to be the same, but is not done by the “Assembly” per se. Seems like this is working with just three people + elected chair
  • (IV.1.3) there is no stated term limit for administrative committee chairs - mentions “normal term”. Nor for standing committee chairs. Does that need to be defined? Defined would be great
  • (V.1.2) states that “Each Standing Committee shall have a Vice Chair elected by a simple majority of the members of the Committee.” We need to either suggest this happens or change the wording to be “may have…" Suggest this happens! I have been suggesting this for a few years, but good to know we have documentation to back this.
  • (V.1.3) states that “Standing Committees shall each year hold at least one physical meeting.” Could consider toning-down the requirement, or notify all the committees that they need to have a session at either the summer or winter meetings each year. That may be happening in most cases, but I don’t think it is understood as a requirement. Let's suggest this happens and notify. Maybe administrative committees in the winter and programatic in the summer?