June 28, 2011

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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  • Gregory Leptoukh (NASA GSFC)
  • Oleg Aulov (UMBC)
  • Carol Meyer (ESIP)
  • Erin Robinson (ESIP)
  • Barry White


  • Discuss the agenda of the meeting and the break out groups in Santa Fe.
  • SPG Session on Quality Tuesday Morning
  • ISO Data Quality Discussion
  • Actions


  • Discuss the agenda of the meeting and the break out groups in Santa Fe.
    • Barry - JPL policy require that everything has to go through document review, can talk about ISO and ISO quality. Barry is a software engineer (not a scientist per se) that generates data for scientists.
    • Carol - 3 talks in the plenary. Greg Stensas will give overview of multiple quality definitions, Bill Michener - Data 1, LTER used qual measures, Panel discussion quality needs across various communities.
    • Carol contacted some of plenary speakers to engage in IQ session. Glen Rutledge and Nick Mangus - will leave before Thursday and not able to participate
    • Greg - Semantic web/IQ session will be before the semantic web session we need to get a few speakers to fill the 45 minutes, possibly the speakers will be from the session that ends prior to that.
    • Carol - One of the four people from Neon should present.
    • Barry White - We need someone with experience in developing ontologies.
    • Barry - Ted Haberman is doing a workshop on tuesday, Greg is plannng to ask Ted to do something on thursday as well.
    • Greg - Rob, any suggestions who to invite to info session?
    • Rob - Bruce Barkstrom?

  • SPG Session on Quality Tuesday Morning
    • Greg Stensas listed on SPG agenda and should talk about SPG agenda.
    • Greg S. will also be talking on Wednesday at a plenary session.
    • Chris Lynnes and Barry White are talking about quality at SPG.
    • Greg and Barry will participate in SPG
  • ISO Data Quality Discussion
  • Barry - Quality is one of the major reasons for metadata.
  • Greg - Europeans don't want to use ISO because it is still too fluid and has not been improved yet.
  • Barry - Temporal Consistency in data quality - whatever ISO tells us about temporal consistency is not formulated enough, has an opinion gap that needs to be filled.
  • Actions
    • Greg - will try to prepare better list of quality indicators so we could have lively discussions about what community thinks about quality indicators. - For second discussion breakout.
    • Greg will send a message to Ted Haberman, also contact Gregg Stensas tell him we expect him on thursday and ask to mention during plenary talks.
    • Carol - contacted Steve for NASA quality and will post it on wiki once he emails back. ???
    • Carol emailed NEON and...?