July 7-10, 2009, ESIP Federation Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA

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Please note that all information on this page is preliminary and in the process of being confirmed.


The Summer 2009 ESIP Federation will take place on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Most of the meeting will take place at Bren Hall. Travel to Santa Barbara can be done by air to SBA (local), LAX or BUR (both in the greater Los Angeles area). Public transportation is available to Santa Barbara from LA-area airports.

Visioneers Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24433586256


Lodging for the meeting is offered by campus housing in Manzanita Village. The dorms overlook the Pacific Ocean and are available as double occupancy rooms ($191.40) or single occupany rooms ($268.52). The room rates are for the FOUR NIGHT period of July 6-10, 2009 and cannot be prorated, regardless of the number of nights used. On-campus housing will be billed during registration and is not refundable. If you are staying in Manzanita Village, upon arrival in SBA call 805-893-6161 and the campus shuttle will pick you up at the airport and transport you to the dorm.

There also will be a small block of rooms in downtown Santa Barbara for those wanting more traditional accommodations. As of February 1, we are waiting to hear what is available to us.

For those bringing a car, parking is free for those staying in the dormitory, the fee is $8 a day for those staying in hotels off the campus.

Note on Santa Barbara summer rates: Weekends (friday-saturday) get EXPENSIVE. To save big $ book a motel room in Carpinteria (10 miles south of SB on 101) or Goleta (near UCSB).


Registration for the 23rd ESIP Federation meeting is conducted online. Early Bird registration continues through May 29 and is $325 (member) or $425 (non-members). Regular and on-site registration is $425 (member) or $525 (non-member). Registration for the meeting is done online by clicking here and is completed by using Visa/MasterCard. Limited on-site registration will be available.

Program Elements

The Summer Meeting Plan incorporates a wide range of member opportunities. On Tuesday, a full day of hands on learning about important technologies and products. On Wednesday, an opportunity to interact with leading experts in fields important to your work. On Thursday, you are the expert, and it is time to share your knowledge or ask your question in small-group sessions. On Friday, the Federation does its needed business (everyone is encouraged to join in on one or more committee, cluster, or working-group efforts). Then it is time for the entrepreneurial side of ESIP: Funding Friday shows how the Federation can point combined resources and a little extra funding to the solution of important problems.

Technical Workshops

This year's technical workshops provide your organization or project to share your experience and technical insights with other Federation members, both to facilitate technology transfer, but to also expose your team's capabilities with an eye towards developing new collaborations with other Federation members. Previous workshops have highlighted work with various standards and specifications (e.g. OGC, ISO, JSR), new products and platforms, and interoperability demonstrations.

Please consider developing and presenting a workshop for one of our 8 available 90-minute slots in the list below. If you have any questions about available facilities and resources, please contact Karl Benedict. Speaking of facilities, there are two computer labs that are available for workshops, so if you want to do a hands-on workshop in a lab environment, that can be arranged.

To submit a workshop, please add a link to a new Wiki page for your workshop in one of the available slots in the list, and provide on the linked page:

  • The title of the workshop
  • The name of the presenter
  • A brief abstract of the presentation

Also, if you will be demonstrating an online technology, please let us know if you need access through any specific network ports, as we want to arrange ahead of time firewall rules for the network to allow for those connections. Ports that will be enabled by default are:

Firewall ports.jpg

Proposed workshops

  1. Development of a persistent Federation demonstration resource for promoting Federation member products and services - Karl Benedict
  2. Possible OGC KML/Google Earth Workshop
  3. Possible BAMS Demonstration
  4. Finally, Some Examples of ISO Metadata!
  5. Fedora & Duraspace
  6. Another Preservation Technology
  7. Another Preservation Technology
  8. Another Preservation Technology
  9. Semantic Web and Technology
  10. Your Presentation

Technology Showcase

The technology showcase will provide an opportunity for an interactive demonstration of your group's technology through a live table-top demonstration on a flat-panel display. Poster boards may be requested if desired for backup materials. The showcase will take place in the afternoon of July 7, and there are approximately 12 slots available for demonstrations. Please add a link to a wiki page for your demonstration to the list below if you would like to do a demonstration in the showcase. Please include in your demonstration wiki page the following information:

  • The presenter's name
  • A title for the demo
  • Whether or not you will require a poster board
  • Any specific network ports you will need open for off-venue network requests


  1. Semantic Web (link and page coming)
  2. Your Demo
  3. Your Demo
  4. Your Demo
  5. Your Demo
  6. Your Demo
  7. Your Demo
  8. Your Demo
  9. Your Demo
  10. Your Demo
  11. Your Demo
  12. Your Demo

Teacher Workshops

Facilitating the use of Earth Science data in G6-12 Education (proposed title)

Day 1 Teachers attend ESIP Plenary in the morning & workshop in the afternoon.

Morning – ESIP Plenary Sessions

Afternoon - Teacher Workshops Sessions led by ESIP members (NOAA, CIMSS, TERC, NASA, EPA, & others)

Day 2 Teachers attend full day of sessions working with Earth science data

Morning - Teacher Workshops Sessions led by ESIP members (NOAA, CIMSS, TERC, NASA, EPA, & others)

Afternoon- Teacher Workshops Sessions led by ESIP members (NOAA, CIMSS, TERC, NASA, EPA & others)

Concluding Discussion, Evaluations & Certificates

Along with hosting educators on site, much of the program will be remotely broadcast to one or two groups through UCSB partnerships with CENIC (the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California).

          PRESENTERS Please schedule your workshop session through margaret.mooney@ssec.wisc.edu

Open Meeting Sessions

Air Quality Community: Review of Progress & Next Steps

Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Jul2009MeetingPlans

FUNding Friday



(The posted agenda is a skeleton for the meeting's evolution. Join the Meeting Visioneers to suggest topics.)

July 7, 2009

July 8, 2009

July 9, 2009

July 10, 2009

Add-On Independent (or Group) activities

The Local ESIPs will post some activities here that are available Friday afternoon or on the weekend, for those who want to stay over.

Optional activities that would require a group registration will be added to the meeting registration system or some other sign-up to guarantee the event.

Whale Watching

Santa Barbara Channel Whale Watching

land and sea tour

Tour as individuals, or we can do a group tour

Going Sideways

First: watch the movie:

Sideways: the movie

Then decide if the Federation should spring for a group tour, go on your own, or pick an individual tour

Touring the Santa Barbara wine country

Front Country Hiking

Hike the nearby mountains


Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (up Mission Canyon) and Sea Center (on the wharf)


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (further up Mission Canyon)

lotusland (aummm....)

infamous pick-up bars

(somewhere to go after the museum)

Wildcat Lounge

EOS Lounge (NO, we did not make the name up... all they need is a DAAC martini)

other spots of interest

Oprah's house (requires parachute)