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Thursday- Open Meeting Day

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Thursday, July 22, 2010
413A 403 417 400A 401 & Computer Labs 1 & 2 413C 413B
8:30 Data Management Training Workshop: A Community Discussion open TIWG Decadal Survey Mission Use Case Workshop

Start at 8:45 Session 1: Introduction, background, and use case overview

Energy Cluster Meeting

NOAA Climate Service (Mark Liu, NOAA)

Educator's Workshop

[1) Sampling the Sea - Bruce Caron

2) Discovering Earth Science Data and Services with GCMD - Tyler Stevens

3) Digital Earth Watch & Picture Post - - John Pickle and Annette Schloss

4) NEO - NASA Earth Observations - Kevin Ward

NASA SPG Meeting: Reference Architectures

Rich Ullman, NASA SPG — Introduction

Communicating Your Science Workshop
9:00 Webification of science data NASA Research Data Sets for the Renewable Energy Sector (Paul Stackhouse, NASA) Allan Doyle/Michael Burnett, NASA SPG — Introduction to Reference Architectures
9:30 Partner to Partner Discussion National Hydropower Asset Assessment Project (Boualem Hadjerioua, ORNL) Jeanne Behnke, ESDIS — EOSDIS Reference Architecture
10:00 The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data - The New HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center Website CO2 emissions estimates/forecasts (Tom Boden, ORNL)  
10:30 Break
11:00 Air Quality Work Group The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data - Easy Local Access through Complete Examples Use Case Workshop (cont.)

Session 2: Group assessment of example use case

VERDE -- Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on the Earth (Arjun Shankar, ORNL) George Percivall, OGC — Reference Architectures and Agile Development Communicating Your Science Workshop (cont.)
11:30 The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data - Easy Remote Access via OPeNDAP and Webification National Hydropower Asset Assessment Project” (Boualem Hadjerioua, ORNL) Chris Mattman, JPL — Exploiting Reference Architecture to Guide the NASA Earth Science System Enterprise ]
12:00 ESIP 101 The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data - Easy Access for Difficult Files through Augmentation and Conversion Wind Energy resources and outreach (Dale Kaiser, ORNL)  
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Stewardship & Preservation Mobile Technology Demos Use Case Workshop (cont.)

Session 3: Breakout - use cases detail

Data generated and needed for carbon sequestration (Jeff Bielicki, ORNL/UT) Lesson Plan Breakout Session Round Table Discussion Communicating Your Science Workshop (cont.)
2:00 Downscaling models for regional and local Applications (Glenn Higgins, NGC) Round Table Discussion
2:30 IEEE SCC40 activities for Electric Sourced Transportation Infrastructure Standards Round Table Discussion
3:00 Break
3:30 Stewardship & Preservation ESIP Service/Skills Exchange Bank (Products and Services Committee) Use Case Workshop (cont.)

Session 4: Summary and conclusions

Energy metadata standards (energetics.org) and geothermal information management (Wolfgang Grunberg, Arizona Geologists Office, via WebEx) Educator's Workshop (cont.) Wrap up and conclusion Communicating Your Science Workshop (cont.)
4:00 Open discussion of Energy cluster future and plans Wrap up and conclusion ]
4:30 Data Quality: Dimensions and Criteria of Quality (Products and Services Committee) Open discussion of Energy cluster future and plans ; Wrap up and conclusion open
5:00 open Open discussion of Energy cluster future and plans ;   open