Interoperability and Technology/Tech Dive Webinar Series

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Tech Dives Webinar Series (formerly "Rants and Raves")

An activity of the ESIP IT&I Committee.

21 Apr 2016: "The New": Jerry Johnston, DOI Geographic Information Officer

Speaker: Jerry Johnston, Geographic Information Officer, Department of Interior (

Summary: was recently rebuilt from the ground up. Jerry will talk about new features of the platform and plans for the future.

Time: April 21, 2016, (2:00pm ET | 1:00pm CT | 12:00pm MT | 11:00am PT)

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3 Dec 2015: Rebecca Fowler with a pre-AGU talk on scientific communication

Note: Not regular date/time -- first Thursday of December at 2pm ET.

12 Nov 2015: TBD

13 Oct 2015: Raj Pandya on AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange and Sharing Solutions

The Thriving Earth Exchange is a network and platform that connects community leaders, sponsors, and scientists and helps them combine science and local knowledge to solve on-the-ground challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources, and climate change. I’ll talk about the general principles on which we are building TEX and describe the basic modules that are part of the TEX. Drawing on the lessons learned from our pilots, I'll talk about how we are developing modules and launching new projects with several partners. I’ll describe a range of projects – from a community monitoring effort in Denver to a Pamiri Mountain project to integrate climate projections into traditional calendars. I’ll introduce our nascent “share” module, and describe our partnership with Amazon Web Services to move prototype community-based solutions to the cloud to enhance their adaptability. And, just to live up to the name, I’ll frame it all around a small rant about the loading-dock model of science and a rave about more participatory approaches.



WebEx Recordings

Streaming | Download (The talk starts at about 12:15 into the recording.)

13 Aug 2015: Rich Signell on Catalog-driven Workflows for Science

"Catalog-driven, reproducible workflows for ocean science: Comparing sea level forecasts along the US Coastline"

Rich Signell

Filipe Fernandes

The USGS Integrated Ocean Observing System (US-IOOS) requires that data providers use standard web services (OPeNDAP+CF, OGC WMS, OGC SOS) for distributing model products and insitu observations. The services are captured in ISO metadata records and searchable via standard catalog services (OGC CSW).

This presentation will demonstrate how to use this system in a reproducible Jupyter Notebook, discovering, accessing and using model and observed water levels along the US Coastline, using a free python environment that can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux in less than 10 minutes.


Speaker Deck | PDF

WebEx Recordings

Streaming | Download (The talk starts at about 12:30 into the recording.)

11 June 2015: NDS Labs, Matt Turk

Matt is a member of the NDS Labs technical advisory committee and will present NDS Labs as a platform for exploring data services -- enabling the separation of data and its representation, and how NDS Labs is functioning as an emerging platform for such separation.



WebEx Recordings

Streaming | Download (The talk starts at about 21:00 into the recording.)